"‘Wizard arrested for raping Buddhist’"

Crazy headline from Beijing Evening News.

‘Wizard arrested for raping Buddhist’ | Danwei

"…the most eye catching story in the whole paper is buried on page ten, headlined ‘Sly and despicable method of rape – “fortune teller” arrested’. The English website of the Global Times translated it a little more colorfully: ‘Wizard arrested for raping Buddhist’. This is the English article:

Police arrested a self-claimed sorcerer in Shijingshan district, who exorcised demons in exchange for sex, the Beijing Evening News reported yesterday. The district prosecutor’s office is pressing a rape charge against the man, surnamed Kang.

Kang met one of his victims, surnamed Ma, in February in Badachu, a temple area in western Beijing. He told her she was possessed and that the way to be cleansed of the demon was to have sex with him. Ma, a Buddhist, believed him. Ma’s family called police when they found she was going to see Kang for a second time.

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